The True Cost documentary screening and discussion at 2007 Frankford Ave

Since this past summer Martha and Eric’s cell has been talking off and on about the documentary film, The True Cost. The film’s director Andrew Morgan is a friend of Eric’s, so when they started to talk about the film there was an actual face to the story and trust of its content. For a few of their cell members the film had already been extremely influential in getting them to think more about how clothing affects lives. As a result many of them had become more conscientious about how they spent their money on merchandise. This served to be extremely beneficial to their cell when talking about ways of simplistic living for the benefit of becoming more aware of ways Jesus was moving in them. They threw around the idea of hosting a screening of the film in order for more people to be influenced by the film’s transformative story. On Tuesday April 12, the entire cell put that idea into action and hosted a screening of the film. About twenty to thirty people showed up from Circle of Hope and around the neighborhood – mostly from six different cells that meet on Tuesday night. Afterwards they all had a heavy discussion on the effects of marketing on our self-esteem and behavior, the burden of the rigged merchandising system, and ways that we as a community can begin to make a difference to change it. They desire to carry on the conversation and begin to take steps for the benefit of those who are being exploited by the fashion industry. They encourage others to watch and support the film as a great way to begin the journey.

Reporting by Eric Rivera, a Cell Leader Apprentice and Design Team leader. As his cell will multiply soon, he will be a first time Cell Leader.

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