Updates from our Compassion Efforts

Circle of Hope’s compassion efforts come in many forms. Our Compassion teams and thrift stores are giving it their best to help in offering some help and love to our Philly region. Our Opioid Crisis Compassion Team met and Circle Thrift had a holiday party this past week, and our friends Bethany and Kris testified in court! 

Opioid Crisis Compassion Team

A group of us met this past Saturday to continue leaning into learning about the opioid crisis and listening to God together about how we can express compassion for all those affected.  Matt Tice and Andrea McIntosh work at Pathways to Housing, Kerri Hartnett works at Prevention Point, and we are lucky to have them sharing their “off” time with this team and helping educate us. We are learning that there are no easy answers, and there is no time—deaths have skyrocketed in the last couple years. Every socio-economic group and neighborhood in Philadelphia has been involved. We are an open team and want you to come learn and move with us. We are praying with you for the friends and family you have that are suffering or passed because of opioids. Contact [email protected] to get team information.

Circle Thrift Frankford Staff Christmas Party

Circle Thrift at 2231-33 Frankford Ave had their annual staff and family Christmas party last week. These hard-working people create such warmth and joy in the shops and we were celebrating all the community built and money raised this past year.  If you look closely you can find Christmas Cumberbatch and Holiday Han Solo in this pic, and if you pop by the furniture shop at 2231 Frankford Ave a Christmas Clooney will greet you at the door. Circle Thrift at 1125 S. Broad St. will be celebrating later this month; hopefully we’ll get a pic to share because it is important that you know who is repping you every day in Fishtown and South Philly, so you can pray for them and their families. It is not easy work and they do it with great joy and humility. Your donations this winter are very necessary, please think of these smiley people as you clear out your clutter!  We value every item and appreciate every time you pop in to shop or volunteer. Merry Christmas!

Circle Mobilizing because Black Lives Matter and the Participatory Defense Hub

Members of our Circle Mobilizing because Black Lives Matter team testified in court yesterday about the importance of Criminal Justice Reform and the Participatory Defense Hub, one of which they started at our South Philly congregation!

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