Was it a Christian insurrection? (Ep 27)

Episode 27: Was it a Christian insurrection?

Let’s start with some fun! We’ve been pondering what are our commonalities in the human experience, especially when we’re so isolated from each other during these times. Pastors practice a few get-to-know-you questions that some of Circle of Hope’s leaders have made. Favorite kitchen utensils? Make your bed in the morning? Getting a shower during these covid times? Learn a little more than you probably wanted to know ;).

Was it a Christian insurrection that happened on Capitol Hill? The pastors examine some of the rhetoric and prayers used by the Capitol Hill insurrectionists, and take a hard look at what kind of faith (or not-faith) could be involved in this political event. They delve deeper into Jesus’ own ideas about pursuing a path of peace, that his kingdom is not of this world, and how he spoke to power. And, they get into how these sorts of events hurt the voice of Jesus and the term “Christian” entirely, and explore the ways to be the alternative to civic religion and nationalism.

Finally, some Spiritual Show and Tell: Howard Thurman, new friends with new faith, swinging on a swing-set (as an adult), a painted ceiling…All this and more on Resist and Restore.

Show Notes

Earlywood kitchen utensils

Rachel’s talk from our Online Meeting 1.17.21

Jesus and the Disinherited – On our Daily Prayer

Jesus and the Disinherited – The book

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