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The Mennonite Central Committee Washington Office publishes a memo that updates us on what we are working on in Washington. Check it out below!

Policy updates

Anti-immigrant bills: Thank you to everyone who called their senators last week urging them to oppose two anti-immigrant bills. Both bills were defeated on July 6.

Colombia: On Thursday, June 23, the Colombian government signed a ceasefire agreement with the country’s largest guerilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).This begins the process of demobilization and disarmament for the FARC, the 5th major agenda item in the peace talks. It is a necessary step towards the final peace agreement which could be signed in the next few weeks or months.

Gun violence: On June 20, several bills to reduce gun violence failed to pass in the Senate. No gun violence legislation has been voted on in the House at this time.

Palestine and Israel: Twenty members of Congress sent a letter to President Obama noting that Palestinian children live “under the constant fear of arrest, detention, and violence at the hands of the Israeli military” and calling upon the U.S. to “advance the cause of security, human rights, equality, dignity, justice and opportunity for Palestinians, just as we do for Israelis.” Learn more.

Supreme Court immigration case: On June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court announced they had reached a 4-4 tie on a case challenging President Obama’s executive action for immigrants (DAPA and expanded DACA). The case will now either go back to the district court and wind its way back up to the Supreme Court, or be granted a rehearing at the high court for next year. More information | MCC statement

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