What’s Happening Around Circle of Hope | 10.24.19

What’s Been Happening Around Circle of Hope!

Here’s a little bit about what’s been happening around Circle of Hope, ways to get connected, or just learn about events coming up around the bend! Got questions? Feel free to email [email protected] or check out the contact page on our website.

Sunday Meetings and Cells
We create an environment where people can connect with God and act for redemption. 

Sunday Meetings

One way to get to know us. Worship, dialogue, connection. A place to explore and express God’s love. Find them all here.


Circles of ten that meet throughout the week! They are beacons of hope and community in our cityscape full of despair and loneliness. Find them all here.

Blogs, YouTube, Podcasts! Check out some of our thoughts/ideas and dialogue on faith, Jesus, religion, hope, and the world at large!  


Our main blog: It’s cold. Why go out?

Development / Rod White’s Blog: Is a political storm coming? : Some help for traveling through it with Jesus

Today, if you hear his voice / Ben White’s Blog: A Vocabulary of Blessing

more than self-expression / Jonny Rashid’s blog: Loving God breeds intimacy, not thinking

Looking Up / Rachel Sensenig’s Blog: Rest comes through vulnerability


Sunday Meeting Podcast – Our Sunday meeting messages delivered by our pastors and guest speakers, available wherever you get podcasts.

Color Correction – Our compassion team, Circle Mobilizing because Black Lives Matter, has its own podcast discussing themes of racial justice, equality, and much more. Available wherever you get podcasts. Episode 7: To Hell With It/Justice and the Afterlife


Our YouTube Channel – We do a video series called Someone Asked and another called Chair Time.

The Circle of Hope pastors did a little video talking about our cell renewal! Listen and watch as Ben, Rachel, Julie, and Jonny share our vision, reveal their cells, and invite us and those beyond us.

Upcoming Events

November 2 • Village Parenting Day
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. • 29 West Tulpehocken St. Philly

We need to bring to our consciousness the fact that our children and parents are swimming in the water of mutuality. We make relationships around Jesus and so much comes out of that. Childcare sharing, advice and resources for parenting, community beyond school for our kids, BGX, mutuality fund usage for childcare so people can participate in cells and lead, and many more examples of our shared life. We need a day to realize, remember, and celebrate that we are in the water! It’s like we have gills and we have to discover them again and again so we can practice, flex, and share that mutuality.

November 8-9 • Compassion Teams Learning Tour
Throughout the Day • Location TBD

This day is about connecting to the compassion work we are doing together in our neighborhoods. It is an opportunity to learn more about one or more teams you’ve been curious about by volunteering or being a part of good conversations. Come and find out first hand what several of our teams are doing and be a part of the good work. Visit our Upcoming Events for complete line-up of events.

November 9 • TurnUp to BailOut
7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. • 1125 S. Broad St. Philly

Circle Mobilizing Because Black Lives Matter is a compassion team of Circle of Hope. As an allied organization to BLM Philly, and in conjunction with the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, we present our third annual TurnUp to BailOut music festival. A night of music, food, joy, and justice to assist in our efforts to raise money for bail for incarcerated individuals this upcoming holiday season. $15. Eventbrite ticket link here.

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