Why I am Attending a Training in NonViolent Communication

“Not for the faint of heart! This is not about passivity, politeness, or yes-ing.” – Terrie Lewine

The Circle of Peacemakers team is presenting an opportunity today to learn the basic principles of NonViolent Communication from Terrie Lewine. Why is this happening at Circle of Hope, and why am I so excited to take part in it?

Circle of Hope is committed to moving with Jesus to work towards justice and healing dialogue. One reflection of that movement is that we want to equip everyone, not just leaders, not just the social workers and other vocational peacemakers, with the tools for nonviolence in their daily lives. How we communicate with one another, the very core foundation of our relationships, needs to be transformed by Jesus. The Circle of Peacemakers is one expression of this transformational work, and they are providing this practical application of our proverb: “Engaging in healthy dialogue is what keeps us real. We want everyone among us to experience respect and understanding as they explore what they think and feel.”

As I have begun to personally incorporate the principle of nonviolence into more areas of my life, I have learned how much deeper it goes than the omission of violence, but to an active course of action that builds peace and connection. During my recent Learning Tour with MCC to Zimbabwe and Zambia, I had the opportunity to listen and learn from some incredibly wise persons who practice non-violence in the face of very real threats and conflict. What I want to apply in my daily life is not that I need to travel far outside my geographic and cultural home in order to learn such lessons, but to be actively listening and learning whenever such opportunities and wise persons are before me.

I’m looking forward to listening to the methods being provided by Terrie Lewine, learning from her and the other attendees of this this training, and being open to more of these opportunities, whenever and wherever I find them. I’m hoping you’ll make it if you can. If you can’t, I’m sure you’ll hear the lessons re-verbed through the whole church.

– Bethany Hornak, reporting

Bethany is the wearer of many hats, including Circle of Hope Operations Manager, Compassion Core Team leader, local food co-op volunteer, and intrepid home renovator.

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