Without the Dads on board, the ship doesn’t sail far

Without the dads on board, the ship doesn’t sail that far. You know that is true if your own father was either absent or he was only physically there. We need all the players in the family to be present, loving and truthing if we are going to be healthy and do well.

We have always been blessed with men who own our church—the family of God. They add gravity and teach one another how to navigate the rough seas of manhood. Some of them have become fathers. But parents or not, they have fathered a lively church! The fact that they take themselves seriously makes a huge difference.

Above are some of South Broad’s fathers who like futbol.

Below are some fathers who caused a baby boom about five years ago.

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Some of the father’s are the kind that father the world! Their example is particularly influential on the next generation. For instance: somehow Donovan and Ben got in an Environment America video with their kids. Click it and it might go to Facebook for you (they are in the first video).


Happy Father’s Day everyone! And a special thanks to the men who father others, starting with their children!

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