Where and When are cells?

Below you’ll find the locations of the various cells that make up our church, and the names of the cell leaders who help facilitate them. We meet in small groups of ten around Philadelphia and South Jersey. 

Here is an interactive map of areas where our cells are meeting. Click on each area to see the numbers of cells in each area. The red markers are where our congregations meet on Sunday nights.

Click on the dropdown arrows to expand the neighborhood/region. You’ll find the cell leader (linked to their email for contact)day and time of their cell, in addition to a more specific neighborhood location.


In Brewerytown, Fairmount area

Krissy Haag Tuesday at 7:30pm in Brewerytown

Julie Hoke Tuesday at 8:00pm in Fairmount

Jonny Rashid Tuesday at 8:00pm in Brewerytown

In Center City area

Rachel Sensenig Tuesday at 7:30pm

Paul Kohl Wednesday at 12 noon

Ian Holland Wednesday at 7:30pm

In Kensington and Fishtown area

Gail Szczesniak Tuesday at 7:30pm in East Kensington

Martha Grace Tuesday at 8:00pm in East Kensington

Steph Heneghan Tuesday at 8:00pm in East Kensington

Caitlin Jones Wednesday at 7:00pm in K&A

Cecelia Osowski Wednesday at 7:30pm in East Kensington

In Germantown, Mt Airy, Roxborough, East Falls, Wayne, PA area

Molly Ray Tuesday at 7:30pm in Germantown

Donovan Hayes Tuesday at 8:00pm in Germantown

Shelby Smith Tuesday at 8:00pm in Germantown

Lindsay Crosswell Wednesday at 5:30pm in Germantown

Roby Anstett Wednesday at 7:30pm in Germantown

Rebekah McLendon Wednesday at 8:00pm in East Falls

Sarah Getz Wednesday at 8:00pm in Mt. Airy

Corinne Bergmann Thursday at 8:00pm in Mt. Airy

Reagan Mindte Thursday at 8:00pm in Wayne

Kathy White Thursday at 8:00pm in Germantown

In North Philly area

Andrea McIntosh Tuesday at 8:00pm

Matt Tice Tuesday at 8:00pm

Jonathan Ziegler Wednesday at 8:00pm in North Central

In Port Richmond area

Kristen Snow Tuesday at 7:30pm

Will Stichter Tuesday at 8:00pm

Wes Willison Wednesday at 8:00am

Hana Lehmann Friday at 5:30pm

In South Philly area

Howard Pinder Tuesday at 7:30pm

Annie Masterson Wednesday at 8:00pm

Mike Escott Thursday at 8:00pm

Jimmy Weitzel Thursday at 8:00pm

Ellen Zolkos Thursday at 8:00pm

In West Philly area

Ashley Michaux every other Saturday morning

Becca Puchalsky Wednesday at 7:00pm

Bethany Stewart Wednesday at 7:00pm

Rod White Wednesday at 6:30pm

Tricia Fussaro Thursday at 7:00pm in Mantua

New Jersey

Near Collingswood, Oaklyn, Audubon, Haddon Township, Westmont

Nicole Jordan Wednesday at 7:30pm in Collingswood

Ben White Thursday at 8:00pm in Oaklyn

Near Moorestown, Maple Shade, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel

Donna Schmidt Tuesday at 7:30am in Pennsauken

Melissa Powell Thursday at 7:30pm in Moorestown

Near Barrington, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Lawnside, Magnolia, Runnemede, further south

Frank Fewkes Wednesday at 7:00pm in Sicklerville

Pat McGowan Thursday at 7:30pm in Clementon

Near Gloucester City, Mt. Ephraim, Brooklawn, Bellmawr and further south

Kendra DeSimone Wednesday at 7:30pm in Gloucester City

Dan McGowan Wednesday at 7:00pm in Gloucester City

Bryce Hewlett Thursday at 7:30pm in Westville