Circle Kids Support Team

Maybe you’ve been curious about what’s going on with the idea for a daycare connected to Circle, aka Circle Kids! Circle Kids is rooted in the idea that children are cherished by God, and by Circle of Hope. There is a need for quality, loving childcare in the city, and our building at 2212 S. Broad St. provides a great space to host just that. After a lot of research and prayer over the last few months, our initial Circle Kids team is moving toward opening a part-time, play school for 3 and 4 year-olds. The dream is for Circle Kids to be a place for kids to be loved, and to explore the world through art, play, music, and experiences. They’ll get to be part of a group (a circle!) that creates a continuity of care and belonging. It will also be a place for parents to be supported in their care of children, and hopefully make more connections to Circle of Hope and to Jesus.

We are looking for partners who are passionate about children, who think Circle Kids is a good match to the larger mission of Circle of Hope, and who want to create the building blocks (wink wink) of this new adventure. Please email our director, Gail Szczesniak for more information.

A story from our team

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