Welcome to our Compass
for January to March 2022!

Dear Friends, 

This quarterly report is more than a report; it is one way for you to track the life and health of the church. You are a part of this community and your ownership and investment matter. What questions come up for you as you read this? What isn’t here that you would like to know more about? We are moving together into the future goals of a new map, so this quarter is the last report on the 2020 Map.

Julie (with Rachel and Jonny)

Please note that we are reporting on the continued work of our 2020-21 Map. This is the last report for this map, since we are almost finished the new mapping process for 2022. Our next Compass will report on the new 2022 Map.


Don’t miss the new faith we’ve witnessed and the goodness we’ve done together in the Stories section.

Our Proverbs

Our Proverbs are the basic statements about who we are and what we care about. The “proverbs” of Circle of Hope expand on the convictions that drive us.

Who We Are

In the Who We Are section we are paying attention to the numbers we keep to track our growth and health as a whole movement.


Check out our progress on our Map in the Goals section (let your pastor know if anything is missing.)

Mutual Finances

Spend some time with the charts in the Mutual Finances section, which describe our Common Fund in detail. Your awareness makes it truly common.

This is a tool for communication and dialogue. If you have follow up questions, comments, or feedback about this publication, please talk to your pastor!