Welcome to our Compass
for January to March 2021!

Ever get lost in the woods? It is not hard to lose your way if you are not paying attention to the trail markers. We don’t want to lose track of what we are doing and where we are going. This Compass is about direction. More than a quarterly report, it is a tool for tracking our progress and navigating as a church. Over a year into a global pandemic, we are in uncharted territory and we need to use all the resources we have from God and each other to stay together. As U.S. church membership falls below the majority for the first time, we are constantly aware that there are people out there who are finding their own way and looking for new paths. Read through this with them in mind and ask Jesus to help us keep drawing people to himself.

Please note that we are continuing in the discerned direction of our 2020-21 Map. There is more work to do with these Map goals so the Leadership Team Core decided to postpone a new Mapping process until we can be together in person. 


Don’t miss the new faith we’ve witnessed and the goodness we’ve done together in the Stories section.

Our Proverbs

Our Proverbs are the basic statements about who we are and what we care about. The “proverbs” of Circle of Hope expand on the convictions that drive us.

Who We Are

In the Who We Are section we are paying attention to the numbers we keep to track our growth and health as a whole movement.


Check out our progress on our Map in the Goals section (let your pastor know if anything is missing.)

Mutual Finances

Spend some time with the charts in the Mutual Finances section, which describe our Common Fund in detail. Your awareness makes it truly common.

Long-Term Goals

Dream with our five-year goals and beyond in the Long-Term Goals section.

This is a tool for communication and dialogue. If you have follow up questions, comments, or feedback about this publication, please talk to your pastor!