Where we are March 2022

As we approach a new direction for our church, we face obstacles, particularly, but not limited to, a financial shortfall. We are spending less and saving money where we can for now. We know that leading through these changes would be costly, and we face many obstacles throughout. People have left us over our new vision. So we want to keep leading and finding and making partners.

Beyond the disruption that our new direction causes us, there are other reasons we are sharing at about 65 percent of our budgeted sharing goals (to be precise, we have shared $96,059.08 and we’ve budgeted to share $143,252.20 this year). The economy is squeezing everyone’s wallets right now. The pandemic has been grueling and difficult.

So we are not looking for deeper pockets and more generosity, necessarily. But rather, new partnerships and perhaps new enthusiasm for our church. We are at a critical moment, and we can really live into who we said we’d be and who we are saying we are. We can be an antioppressive groundswell in our region that creates an environment for faith to be planted and to grow.

Common Fund Sharing

Sharing by Congregation

Sources and Uses*

*numbers still need to be finalized

We await a full report of our income and expenses, but we didn’t want to delay sending you the Compass further. When we get a report from our accountant, we’ll update you.

When you see “Church Planting,” this mainly refers to pastors’ and our Communication Manager’s salaries and other church planting expenses, including our hire of Bethany Stewart as our antiracist consultant. “Capacity” refers to our buildings, utilities, and maintenance, and includes our Building and Operations Manager Salary. “Compassion” refers to the amount of money we give to our organizations, as well as our Mutuality Fund, which you can see broken down below.

Circle of Hope Mutuality Fund

Below is a breakdown of where our mutuality fund spending went.

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