Our Convictions

These are basic statements about who we are and what we care about. The “proverbs” of Circle of Hope expand on the convictions that drive us. They begin to describe how we see ourselves in Christ and form the basis for how we decide what to do. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it a replacement Bible. We expect to keep refining our understanding as God keeps inventing us.

Jesus is best revealed incarnationally

We are called to move with what the Spirit is doing next.

We are meant to go deep with God.

We must be doers of the word.

Generating justice and hope in our neighborhood must be at the heart of us.

We are called out to be a living organism, building community together in love.

Dialogue keeps us connected and protects our gravity.

Fomenting diversity and reconciliation is at the prophetic heart of our gospel.

We expect people to express their gifts, talents, art and worship.

Sharing our resources brings freedom and unleashes power.

Leadership is a team effort.