Compassion Teams

None of our teams constitute a “program” of the church. They are all an expression of the life of the Spirit in the body of Christ. They start with an inspiration and form when enough people want to join together to express God’s leading. When they lose steam or their service is done, they disperse. Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in being on a compassion team.


Help us continue our work

We do all of our compassionate work through the donations that you and others give us. Giving to us can help people get into counseling at Circle Counseling, participate in Shalom House, get affordable clothing at Circle Thrift, give away goods for babies at a Baby Goods Exchange, annihilate consumer debt, plant an urban farm, and even start a good business. The opportunities are endless. Giving just a little bit can go a long way; setting up incremental payments through your bank is a great idea too.

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Send donations, safely and easily, by using our Square Cash donation website:$CircleCompassion

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  • Please add “Compassion Teams” under Special Instructions on the payment confirmation page.
  • Please do not add to your credit card debt in God’s honor! This way of sharing is a convenience for those who are out of town or well-disciplined.

Mail to Our Office

Circle of Hope Compassion Teams

1125 South Broad Street 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19147

(Make checks payable to Circle of Hope, with a memo noting “compassion teams.”)

Watershed Discipleship Team

In our climate change adapted present much of our human ways are more at war than in harmony with the Creation we’ve been given to learn from.  In light of this awakening among us and for the devotion we have for the Son of Man we ask: How do we think Jesus wants us to faithfully dwell within our bioregion? In response to the infinite love God has for us and Her extensive Creation, and for the passion, love, and deep responsibility we feel for the earth we propose to form a Compassion Team to foment Watershed Discipleship, Environmental Justice, Simple Living, and Fossil Fuel Addiction Recovery within and outside the Circle of Hope network.

Circle Counseling

“Professional Mental Health Services Grounded in Faith.” Circle Counseling was founded in 1997 by Dr. Gwen White. We offer a broad spectrum of counseling services today designed to provide quality care for a wide range of mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. We strive to keep our services affordable to everyone and offer our services on a sliding scale. Through work with individuals, couples, and families we promote health, wholeness, and reconciliation.

Circle Kids Support Team

A new team formed in support of our kids! Stay tuned for more information.

Circle Mobilizing because Black Lives Matter

Circle Mobilizing Because Black Lives Matter was formed to help Circle of Hope live out our conviction that “fomenting diversity and reconciliation is at the prophetic heart of our gospel.” We want to exist where hurting, frustrated, compassionate, and activated people can connect with God more deeply and help the Beloved Community act for redemption in our particular time around issues needing justice and reconciliation. Their blog can be found here.

Circle of Peacemakers

To create a network of peacemakers who are activated to grow in faith and express the gospel of peace. We want to foment reconciliation here in Philadelphia and around the world.

Circle Thrift Advisory

Circle Thrift seeks to bring hope to the challenges of 21st century urban life: We strive to accomplish this by sharing God’s love, providing inexpensive clothing, creating jobs, building community and relationships, and providing funds to help support our partners.

Debt Annihilation Team

We want to offer practical solutions to the slavery of consumer debt by building community trust, sharing, and providing capital to eliminate consumer debt in our community.

Development without Displacement Team

The Development without Displacement team is a new coalition that is forming based on the success of the the Take Back Vacant Land Campaign. We are building a second powerful citywide coalition with the goal of developing and winning passage of funding bills that will provide resources to build affordable housing and support fresh, affordable food production.

Free Baby and Kids Goods Exchange

An opportunity to swap used (or unused) baby and kids clothes, toys, baby gear, books, and maternity clothes with other parents in the community. People can pick up what their child(ren) may need in the days ahead and pass along what’s no longer needed.

Friends of Hagert St. Playground

Friends of Hagert Street Playground supports the long time efforts of Melissa and Julius Rivera who have been doing inspiring (and hard) work in the neighborhood for many years. The Rivera’s are focused on revitalizing and renovating the playground across the street from their house so that children in the neighborhood have a safe place to play and learn. The Rivera’s regularly offer local opportunities to serve and help work and design in a process that includes tons of neighbors beyond the church.

Friends of Penn Treaty School

We’re committed to connecting Penn Treaty School with the local community (including individuals, businesses, and faith communities), and the community with Penn Treaty School; connecting alumni with current students; connecting parents with the school, and the school with parents; connecting students with volunteer opportunities outside of the school; connecting teachers, students, and families to resources.

Good Business Oversight Team

From its very beginning Circle of Hope has had the dream of being a generator of businesses and so a generator of jobs, and dignity in Philadelphia. We started with a little import shop called Worldly Goods on Tenth St. That failed and we started Circle Thrift. That almost failed and now we are profitable in two locations. With capital generated from the stores we saved up enough to have some seed money for a consortium of businesses who want to unite in love, share resources, and work together to encourage new business leaders and their enterprises as they seek to do business in a “good” way.

Heads Together Haiti Support

Team that supports Heads Together Haiti.

Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary

For the Love of Childs has a broad mission to partner with staff, students, and parents from W.G Childs Elementary, which is located at 16th and Wharton.

Solidarity Beyond Borders

We hope to address issues of the border and immigration using a Christ-centered approach (Matthew 25:35) and provide a space for Philadelphia organizations who are already working in this area.

Urban Farm Team

Our mission is to resurrect dead or forgotten space in the city and make it life-giving to its neighborhood through intensive vegetable (and some fruit) gardening that is educational, reuses trash materials that litter our streets, provides food for neighborhood families, and simply makes things more beautiful.