Compassion Teams

None of our teams constitute a “program” of the church. They are all an expression of the life of the Spirit in the body of Christ. They start with an inspiration and form when enough people want to join together to express God’s leading. When they lose steam or their service is done, they disperse. Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in being on a compassion team.


Help us continue our work

We do all of our compassionate work through the donations that you and others give us. Giving to us can help people get into counseling at Circle Counseling, participate in Shalom House, get affordable clothing at Circle Thrift, give away goods for babies at a Baby Goods Exchange, annihilate consumer debt, plant an urban farm, and even start a good business. The opportunities are endless. Giving just a little bit can go a long way; setting up incremental payments through your bank is a great idea too.

Use Square Cash



Send donations, safely and easily, by using our Square Cash donation website:$CircleCompassion

Or send to our cashtag $CircleCompassion on your Square Cash phone app.

 Use Paypal




  • Please add “Compassion Teams” under Special Instructions on the payment confirmation page.
  • Please do not add to your credit card debt in God’s honor! This way of sharing is a convenience for those who are out of town or well-disciplined.

Mail to Our Office

Circle of Hope Compassion Teams

1125 South Broad Street 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19147

(Make checks payable to Circle of Hope, with a memo noting “compassion teams.”)