We are meant to go deep with God
Prayer is the key to fulfilling our mission of transformation.

prayer is the key

Today’s Bible reading and an excerpt from it 

Read Job 42:7-17

The Lord accepted Job’s prayer. After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.

More thoughts for meditation 

Charles Spurgeon was the most famous preacher in England in the last half of the 1800′s. His congregation in London was called the Metropolitan Tabernacle. The great success of the congregation was attributed to Spurgeon’s genius and the congregation’s prayer. Here is some of his teaching on the subject:

“Now, brethren, if you sow seed you may be very feeble, but it is not your hand that puts the seed into the ground which produces the harvest,—it is the vitality in the seed. And so in the prayer of faith. When you can plead a promise and drop that prayer into the ground with hope, your weakness shall not make it miscarry; it shall still prevail with God and bring down blessings from on high.

Job! thou comest from thy dunghill to intercede, and so may I come from my couch of weakness;—thou comest from thy poverty and thy desertion to intercede for others, and so may we. Elias was a man of like passions [James 5:17] —sweet word!—of like passions, like infirmities, like tendencies to sin, but he prevailed, and so shalt thou; only do thou see to it that thou be not negligent in these exercises, but that thou pray much for others even as Job prayed for his friends.” – Charles Spurgeon, 1861

The seed of our prayer has vitality in itselfit is planted in the soil of God’s gracious listening and will be blessed. We can do this! Let’s stir up God’s blessing.

Suggestions for action 

Pray: Thank you for hearing my call and being stirred.

Make an intercession list of your friends. They all have need for transformation. Maybe you would like to make a special list of the friends who do not know Jesus. Pray for them. This could be a list just for today, or you might like to try praying through it every day for a while and see if it becomes a permanent feature of your spiritual practice. How about starting with two weeks?

Intercede for what is happening in and through Circle of Hope. Things happen when we pray. The Spirit is squelched when we don’t.