1) Time to pray. It gives a daily framework for settling down to listen, to mentalize with God, to reflect, intercede, learn deeper disciplines of the spiritual life.

2) It is personal Bible study. By the time the year is over we will explore something from most parts of the Bible.

3) It provides a chance to meditate on what God is calling us to be and do. We will consider elements of the church’s “Map” sometimes. This not only gives newcomers a chance to learn and incorporate our lore, it gives us all a chance to ponder where we are going. It is not merely thinking about ourselves; it is answering the call. Those who look in from the “outside” can walk along with what God is showing us.

4) There are eleven sections that give a day to ponder each of our proverbs. This helps people take good first steps and helps us be on the same page. We hope these entries build our gravity as a diverse people united in Christ, as well as stimulate dialogue.

5) Major seasons of the traditional Christian year: Lent, Pentecost and Advent will have their own themes.

6) We will highlight recommended books. This may spur you to read the whole book. It will give you some good gifts from it, even if you don’t read it.

7) On their death days, we will be directed to our sister site to commune with the faithful from the past who form a “cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 11).

Whether it is a “good or bad entry” is not the point. Knowing Jesus and growing in faith and love is the point. If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact our editor [email protected]