Today’s Bible reading and an excerpt

Read Luke 17:20-37

Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.

More thoughts for meditation

One does not become free from the Powers by defeating them in a frontal attack. Rather, one dies to their control…Here also the cross is the model: we are liberated, not by striking back at what enslaves us—for even striking back reveals that we are still controlled by violence—but by a willingness to die rather than submit to its command.

We are dead insofar as we have been socialized into patterns of injustice. WE died, bit by bit, as expectations foreign to our essence were forced upon us. WE died as we began to become complicit in our own alienation and that of others. We died as we grew to love our bondage, to rationalize, justify, and even champion it. We died as we set ourselves in the place of God and tried to control our own lives. And by a kind of heavenly homeopathy, we must swallow what killed us in order to come to life. – Walter Wink in The Powers that Be, pp. 93-4

Suggestions for action

Where do you see the pattern of the Cross is your life this week? Can you identify with one of the examples of death Wink mentions above?  Pray for resurrection to meet you there, in that pattern of injustice, and transform you. If you feel moved, keep praying for the patterns of injustice around you in your neighborhood, in the city, in our country, in the world.