Today’s Bible reading and an excerpt 

Psalm 104

“Praise the Lord, O my soul.”

More thoughts for meditation

The imagery in this song is vivid. God wraps himself in a garment of light and stretches out the heavens like a tent. He sets the earth on its foundations and gives assignments to the water so that every living creature can thrive. He provides the sun and moon to mark rhythms of rest and food production and glorious seasons. Every living creature finds its being in God and is satisfied. Praise the Lord, O my soul! We creatures were designed to worship God. Responding to our Creator’s provision fulfills a deep purpose in us, and reverberates God’s goodness throughout the earth.

Sadhu Sundar Singh tells a story about how creation can reflect the glory and wisdom of God, even in suffering.

“Once, as I traveled through the Himalayas, there was a great forest fire. Everyone was frantically trying to fight the fire, but I noticed a group of men standing and looking up into a tree that was about to go up in flames. When I asked them what they were looking at, they pointed up at a nest full of young birds. Above it, the mother bird was circling wildly in the air and calling out warnings to her young ones. There was nothing she or we could do, and soon the flames started climbing up the branches.

As the nest caught fire, we were all amazed to see how the mother bird reacted. Instead of flying away from the flames, she flew down and settled on the nest, covering her little ones with her wings. The next moment, she and her nestlings were burnt to ashes. None of us could believe our eyes. I turned to those standing by and said: ‘We have witnessed a truly marvelous thing. God created that bird with such love and devotion, that she gave her life trying to protect her young. If her small heart was so full of love, how unfathomable must be the love of her Creator. That is the love that brought him down from heaven to become man. That is the love that made him suffer a painful death for our sake.'”

The timeless story is told again in verse 30 of the Psalm: “When You send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth. ” In great love, our God became incarnate to recreate and renew us. This “sent” Love can recreate and renew us again today, by the power of His Spirit.

Suggestions for action

Sit quietly with your hands open in your lap, palms up. The Psalm describes all creatures looking to God for sustenance, and that “when You open Your hand, they are satisfied with good things.” Imagine journeying through this day with open hands, waiting for God to fill you again with his arrival. What would that look like for you to look to God for sustenance and renewal throughout the week?

Pray: I praise You, Lord, for Your provision. My hands are open.