Today’s Bible reading

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. — James 1:22

More thoughts for meditation

To listen attentively to what we hear is much more than giving it passing aural attention. It means in the first instance that we have to listen whether we like it or not, whether we hear what we want to or something that is actually disagreeable or threatening . If we begin to pick and choose we are in fact turning a deaf ear to the many unexpected and perhaps unacceptable ways in which God is trying to reach us…

To listen closely, with every fiber of our being, at every moment of the day, is one of the most difficult things in the world, and yet it is essential if we mean to find the God whom we are seeking. If we stop listening to what we find hard to take then, as the Abbot of St. Benoit-sur-Loire puts it, “We’re likely to pass God by without even noticing him.” And now it is our obedience which proves that we have been paying close attention. That word ‘obedience; is derived from the Latin oboedire, which shares its roots with audire, to hear. So to obey really means to hear and then act upon what we have heard, or , in other words, to see that the listening achieves its aim.

Suggestion for action

Listening is not only auditory but non verbal and includes our bodies as well. Today when you pray attune part of your body to listen. One good reason to close your eyes when you pray is to keep from distractions. Maybe bow your head or place your palms up in the air. Check in with your body. Is there any tension or pain?  Be aware of it.