Today’s Bible reading

Don’t you understand that together you form a temple to the living God and His Spirit lives among you? If someone comes along to corrupt, vandalize, and destroy the temple of God, you can be sure that God will see to it that he meets destruction because the temple of God is sacred. You, together, are His temple. – 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (The Voice)

More thoughts for meditation

As human beings, we are subject to the joys and limitations of time and space. Our spirits may soar through time and space in our imaginations, but we must daily eat, sleep and be located in a very particular time and place. A sure sign of your limitation is how you probably monitored how much time you could “spend” on this Daily Prayer entry!

Spaces are important to us and they form a picture of spiritual direction that can help with transition.  Consider two questions.

  • Is there a place (mountain, desert, ocean, cave, etc) at the boundary of your life where you need to retreat to complete your discernment about your transition?
  • What actual places might you need to visit in order to discover if you are being called to live out the next phase of life in that location?

In this virtual age, we are often tempted to cut off the physical as a means to revelation. But our Lord is an incarnate God, in Mary, in time, in the body of Christ – the church, and in us. Our experiences and decision-making processes are always like birth.

Suggestions for action

Pray: Be born in me and in my place.

If you have had a process you wanted to track through this week about transitioning, maybe you are beginning to come to some clarity. If you have been journaling along with the exercises, now might be a good time to review what you have written and see what emerges. Can you see two or more options? That is likely. Maybe the best two can be put through a longer process.

Schedule a retreat. Even a half-day at home or at your relative’s house when no one is there can be very useful. Maybe you can go that “thin place” where you often sense God with you. Maybe you would like to explore local retreat centers collected on The Way of Jesus site – see if a hermitage is available in Aston.