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January 2, 2019 — My joy is too big for just me.

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Today’s Bible reading

Read: Psalm 71

My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds,
    of your saving acts all day long—
    though I know not how to relate them all.
I will come and proclaim your mighty acts, Sovereign Lord;
    I will proclaim your righteous deeds, yours alone.

More thoughts for meditation

In 2015, Ben White wrote:

“I joined Instagram almost 3 years ago and it has greatly increased my joy. The prospect of sharing my wonder adds a liveliness to each moment of awe. I am inherently generous in my delight. I grew up with a twin brother who, whether he wanted it or not, was privy to every ounce of fascination I encountered or mustered; and suffice it to say there was much fascination. I am accustomed to shared joy to the point where quiet, lonesome joys are disciplines I strive to inhabit–but they are, in my emotional geography, more clearings hacked out of the undergrowth than naturally occurring ecosystems. And so instagram provides a way for me to share and that sharing heightens and multiplies my own joy. I keep looking because others will see what I see–others will gain from my growing attention. Many look to the sky for glory; I don’t presume to be essential. I claim that in sharing my vision, I create a repeating and intensifying pattern of seeing that happens joy upon me in regular bursts of sweetness. I keep seeing greatness in what is dangerously close to mundane. I want more of that joy and I find it in the sharing as much as in the moment of seeing.

I do the same with the joy I find in Jesus. My compulsion to share my experience with Jesus stems from Jesus’ command to make disciples, but it snowballs from there. My experiences with God are intensified, multiplied and repeated in the process of living them, remembering them and sharing them. I strive to communicate the often unnameable essence of love and hope as it has touched me in a way that actually connects with another. (I’m trying to do it right now and it’s hard!) What is it about the joy of life in Christ that I can tell in a relatively intelligible or relatively beautiful way? The world can crumble as it is wont to do and my hope survives the deterioration. My friends are more whole after we form a group around Jesus and spend time trusting Him and each other.  I find a larger place in me for patience. And the sky is still beautiful. Thank you.. thank you.. thank you.”

He’s deepened this delight, hasn’t he?

Suggestions for action

Make something beautiful — put some thought into writing one sentence in your journal, take a picture, invent a new recipe for dinner, tell a story, write a song, draw a picture, something you do well or want to do well.  As you do it, lean into the joy and receive from the Joy Giver, right now. Then don’t forget to share. Your joy is too big for you alone.



  1. Scott DeVries

    Thank you for ministry through these posts. Certain ones over the past year have been at times encouraging, at other times challenging and sometimes both.

    With this one I’m now curious about Ben White’s Instagram account. I like the idea of growing in my sense of wonder. Is that account still active? How would I find it if so? Thanks so much.

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