This we are engaging with Janet Hagberg’s book Real Power. Hagberg’s model might interest you as a way to interpret the world; it might offer a tool to interpret your own development or your interactions with others. Listen to the Spirit as she loves you even as you are today. For context/introduction see the entry for June 10.

Today’s Bible Reading

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-25

David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die! He must pay for that lamb four times over, because he did such a thing and had no pity.”

Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!”

More Thoughts for Meditation

The Wall – a stopping place between stages Four and Five

“There are things to overcome in moving from each of the stages to the next stage but the Wall is the place where the accumulation of things we have hidden from the world, or thought we had hidden, come out to haunt us. At the Wall we cannot move forward without embracing our own personal shadow behavior, behavior that we don’t want to look at but can’t seem to avoid any more. The Wall is the place where our shadow becomes clear and we make a decision whether or not we will deal with it.

“In the Wall we face our controlling ego. We think we are still in charge of our lives and the Wall simply invites us – compels us – to let go. At the Wall we have a choice. We can move forward into the Wall and embrace it or we can go back to a more comfortable place. People live very satisfying lives even if they never go through the Wall. But going through it and learning the wisdom is has to teach us is life-changing. However I would not describe the Wall as inviting. It looks frightening at best, to look at all the things we have swept under the rug for so long. Many of us come to the Wall over and over again and keep feeling the discomfort of its presence in our lives. The decision to move into the Wall requires courage, for in the Wall we face our darkest selves, our shadows.

“So what happens in the wall? It is unique to each person but there are some general experiences people share. … It consists of letting go of your ego, giving up control, moving beyond your intellect, becoming intimate with a higher power, embracing your whole self with all its shadows, and facing your core with its darkness and light.”

“The Wall is a place of transformation. … The Wall is a place of tremendous loss and tremendous gain. It is exhilarating and it is painful. It is never easy. The Wall is the place where we face our inner selves, the truth of who we are, our shame, and ultimately our heart’s deepest desires. We embrace all of this and learn to accept it. … What brings us to the Wall? Loss of meaning, desire for more depth, death, depression, abuse, a call to wholeness, failure, loss of relationship, illness, or soul searching. … What helps us through the Wall? We need to face our fear and develop courage. It is helpful to experience the wall with the help of a trained professional who is not frightened by what you are experiencing.”

“The Wall brings us in contact with our shadows and then asks us not to rid ourselves of them. In fact, we are asked to embrace our shadows. That does not mean we act out all those despicable characteristics, but each time shadow behavior arises within us we ask what the behavior is trying to teach us, or we take the behavior as a signal to do something.”

Real Power, Janet Hagberg, pp125-131

Suggestions for Action

Janet Hagberg asks this question in the chapter – what one quality in you will be dangerous to other people if you are not fully conscious of it?

If we agree with her, we wouldn’t expect a realization of this to come overnight! Let the question stew – see if anything new comes from God.

If you can dedicate 15 minutes – take some time to diary on this.

If not – let God remind you of his care and protection for you among your limits.