As an extension of the “practicing resurrection” theme of Circle of Hope this Eastertide season, we’re using this week in Daily Prayer: Water to reflect together on the Christian path of finding our true selves in God alone.  We’re using a marvelous children’s story by Mercer Mayer to illustrate the path.  Welcome to Herbert the Timid Dragon. 

There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God.  – John Calvin

Today’s Bible reading 

My conscious mind whole-heartedly endorses the Law, yet I observe an entirely different principle at work in my nature. This is in continual conflict with my conscious attitude, and makes me an unwilling prisoner to the law of sin and death. In my mind I am God’s willing servant, but in my own nature I am bound fast, as I say, to the law of sin and death. It is an agonizing situation, and who on earth can set me free from the clutches of my sinful nature? I thank God there is a way out through Jesus Christ our Lord. — Romans 7:21-25 (Phillips)

More thoughts for meditation from Mercer Mayer’s Herbert the Timid Dragon

Herbert falls into despair. He isolates himself and sits inactive and alone. Then a friend visits and offers news of a change in events.  Herbert decides he needs to do something, “the least he can do” he says to himself.  He takes what he has, not looking to be a hero now, but doing what he can as he is.  He sets out this time a bit more aware of who he really is.

Suggestions for action:

What are your treasures that you leave lying around under-used?  Ask God to reveal more about your true gifts and your true self. Pause now and quiet your mind and ask this question, then write out what you hear in your journal.  Your response doesn’t have to be long, but write whatever comes to mind, trusting God is in charge and you’ve asked for guidance.  Trust yourself and God and note what you hear rather than giving in to old views of yourself that lead to despair, isolation and inactivity. Stop judging and keep listening.

This week’s breath prayer (carry it with you today):

 (inhale) Show me You; (exhale) show me me.