Today’s Bible reading and an excerpt

Read Psalm 104

Let my whole being bless the Lord!
    Lord my God, how fantastic you are!
    You are clothed in glory and grandeur!
You wear light like a robe;
    you open the skies like a curtain. 

More thoughts for meditation

This week we will be meditating through Psalm 104 while observing changes going in our non-human company, including climate, flora, and fauna. These changes are resurrections in and of themselves and they are often unprecedented. As we start on this journey, let’s remember one change that is precedented–it’s staying lighter for longer. It does not go from being light out until 5pm to being light out until 9pm overnight, and so it often is with the light of Christ in our lives. Let’s ask God to bring a little more light into our lives every day and that it may illuminate the resurrection going on around us. 

Suggestions for action

This week we will be using the following breath prayer (or a version of it). As you inhale, think or say the first line. As you exhale, think or say the second line. Today, find some natural light to look at as you pray.

Inhale Teach me to see
Exhale The resurrection around me