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February 27, 2021 — Two Minds

Today’s Bible reading

Read Matthew 21:28-32

“What do you think? A man had two sons. Now he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work in the vineyard today.’
“‘No, I don’t want to,’ he replied. But later he changed his mind and went.
 “The father said the same thing to the other son, who replied, ‘Yes, sir.’ But he didn’t go.
“Which one of these two did his father’s will?”
They said, “The first one.”

Jesus said to them, “I assure you that tax collectors and prostitutes are entering God’s kingdom ahead of you. For John came to you on the righteous road, and you didn’t believe him. But tax collectors and prostitutes believed him. Yet even after you saw this, you didn’t change your hearts and lives and you didn’t believe him.

More thoughts for meditation

Another question, “Of the two first sons, which one did the father’s will?” And another question, “Who is the first son? The one who said no to his father’s face, or the one who went and did what his father said?” Likewise “Of the two second sons, which one did not do the father’s will?” and “Who is the second son? The one who said yes to his father’s face or the one who went and refused to do his father’s will, nor his own will at the moment of his answer?”

We are not as strong as we think we are. We have things far less understood than we think. We must occasionally see (better if we often see) that we are weak and in need. Why do I so often cling to my own understanding? Why do I demand so much from such a tiny, disorganized self? Must I deny that I am indeed a slave so as to save myself from the shame, and so go on being in service to something I am not even sure is within me or without me? Who am I? Who decides?

Let us give ourselves up to Jesus. Let us let him have his way. Will he be your master? (A difficult image, “Master”, that comes from our  “Theme Chapter” for Lent, Romans 6.) Let us let him decide who we are for he has indeed done so. Christ died on the cross to show you who he says you are. You are the one he loved enough to die for. Together, we are his children, the heirs of all he has, which is everything. Everything he has is ours. And he gave everything so we would open our eyes and see. And then open up our hearts and lives and do as he tells us. Why do we fight for something we don’t really want instead of taking what he gives and we need?

Suggestions for action

Try this breath prayer: Inhale: I am yours Exhale: You are mine.

Maybe you want to sing it: Try this oldie by David Gate

Also, today is Fred Rogers Day! Honor this man who used his fame for good at Celebrating Our Transhistorical Body


  1. Robert Buck

    I appreciate the multiple Rich Mullins references in this post!

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