Circle of Hope Daily Prayer :: Water is designed primarily for the people of Circle of Hope who are looking for deeper development along their lifelong journey with Jesus.

Together, we share a daily Bible study and participate in a common call to meditation and action. Daily prayer gives us a way to “do the word” together. We think we will be more complete Jesus-followers if we experience guidance, practice the discipline of prayer, and listen to the Spirit. We all need a daily habit of spending quality time with God. We know we will be a more complete body, bridging all our differences, if many of us participate in a common experience of learning, meditating and praying each day.

Start any day of the year! We designed it so people could join in at any time. At this point, about 250 people subscribe so they can have the content delivered to their email. Others just bookmark the page or find it through our websites.

The content is provided by twenty or more volunteers who have been suggested by the pastors. The theme changes every week, depending on what they decide the have to offer to help us pray and grow.

Questions about content or practice can be discussed with your cell leader or your congregation’s pastor.

Questions or other comments to the editor can be addressed to [email protected]

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