Our entries are simple guides for how to share daily prayer together as Circle of Hope, as well as with fellow-travelers who join with us.

The home page shows the most recent entries, including the one for today. For older entries, follow the arrows are the bottom of the page, or use the categories list at the right. We try to get the post up as soon as each day turns. Entries are compiled by topic in the right hand column for future reference.

What is on the page:

• Each entry has three sections:

1) A section from the Bible to read. The entry itself will usually repeat a sentence or two of the main reading.

2) Fuel for further meditation. These might be the thoughts of the compiler, thoughts from an author, or thoughts from a speech.

3) Suggestions for action. Impressions are made effectual by expression. These may be actions one can take immediately, something that can be done during the day, or something that might take a lifetime. Obviously, they are only suggestions, and the Holy Spirit will take us wherever we should go.

• Throughout the year we will honor the memory of notable spiritual ancestors on their saints day. That day has biography and inspiration from our example.

• Important days in the Christian year will also receive special notice. On these days there will be more history and suggestions for how to participate.

• We are also offering ten-day (or so) journeys through books we consider stimulating. All of the books can be accessed through the Way of Jesus site and the Pastors’ Goodreads.

How to use what is on the page

1) Use it as part of how you begin your day with God. It helps to have a habit at a regular time. We hope this eases your way. If turning on the computer is a distraction, DON’T DO IT! Some people read it on their phone on the subway, which is something, of course, but not preferred. You might like to print the last week’s entries and use them on paper.

2) Use it as a break in the middle of your work day to connect with God and us.

3) Use it as stimulation for your cell.

4) Use it as a weekly time of prayer with the community. Some people are more weekly than daily. The entries are designed to be daily, but you know what’s best and what’s possible for you.

5) Use it as a way to get to know God and Circle of Hope. If you go through the whole year, you will have received a lot of guidance for how to have a life in Christ as part of his people in the Philadelphia region.