Development without Displacement Team

The Development without Displacement team is a new coalition that is forming based on the success of the the Take Back Vacant Land Campaign.

The Good News 

When we joined together and organized, we won. In the past few years, we won a Land Bank that will give out land fairly.

The Problem 

Yet today, even as the new Land Bank is in operation:

  • Neighborhoods are increasing in value and residents and businesses are being pushed out because they can’t afford to stay.
  • In other communities, years have passed with little or no investment being made and residents feel as if the City has abandoned them.

The Issue

We need to wage a “Development without Displacement” campaign that will create new policies and new resources to ensure balanced and affordable development occurs in communities.

Our Solution

Build a powerful citywide coalition to develop and win passage of funding bills that will provide resources to build affordable housing and support fresh, affordable food production.

A story from our team

Team Leader

Jonny Rashid