2020-2021 Map

Approved at August 17, 2020 Council

What follows is an attempt to set out what seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us. We discern our direction together for many reasons: 1) We want to know what to do, 2) We want to share our life and mission in a truthful, practical way, 3) We want to teach each other how to listen to the Spirit and speak the truth in love, 4) We want to include the most recent person in our life-giving process. Our map does not describe all we do, but it gives our diverse, region-spanning, neighborhood-linking church a common way to explore and express God’s love.

How we arrived at this Map:

The leaders listen to the Body. We asked the covenant members to consider the questions we needed to be asking this year. Then our cells spent two weeks each listening for how we should enact our mission and vision this year. The Leadership Team met to distill the discernment from the cells. The pastors drafted a map over the course of two days of retreat and shared that draft with the church. The church  looked over the first draft and gave lots of feedback to the pastors. The pastors incorporated the feedback into a second draft which we discussed  at an open mapping meeting on July 20th This is the third draft which includes adjustments to the one year goals from the pastors after that meeting. We met again on August 3 to discuss the Five Year Vision and budget to get us completely ready for the August 17 Council Meeting.

Discerning the Path

As we travel along the way of Jesus, we need to develop our own aptitude for spiritual wayfinding. That’s what these conversations are about. As we are leaving the familiar, God is being revealed to us and through us in new ways.

Rod, Bryce, Caz, and Dani share what they’ve learned from their own journeys, using elements of earth, wind, fire, and water as metaphors for the steps along the way. Visit here to view them.