Jonny Rashid introduces our season of Discernment: our vision and mission for the direction of Circle of Hope.

May 27 to June 9:
Discernment in cells.

Everyone’s voice matters. Cells are the extended leadership team of the church. They are where much of life and discipleship of the church happens.

Start with the vision and mission of Circle of Hope:

Who we are meant to be
We are a circle of hope in Jesus Christ
A movement of cells multiplying congregations
A people called to reconciliation
An opportunity to explore and express God’s love

What we are given to do
We create an environment where people can connect with God and act for redemption.
Loving the thirsty people of our fractured region, we keep generating a new expression of the church to resist and restore with those moved by the Holy Spirit.

Guiding question: How can we enact this vision and mission practically in 2019 and 2020?

June 10 to 16:
Gathering and Collation

(Gathering by Coordinators, Collation by Pastors) publish broad categories to the Covenant Members. Ask whole church to pray for pastors’ discernment. Cell leaders call pastors with insights from the collection form which is public to them as we collate.

June 17:
Large Group Mapping

June 17, 7:30 p.m., 2212 S. Broad St.

Meeting with dinner hosted by the Leadership Team, based on our collection of broad categories that the cells discerned, and moving us toward a draft of the Map.

June 18 & June 20:
Mapping with the Pastors

June 18 at 2007 Frankford Ave
June 20 at 2212 S. Broad St.
9:30 a.m. to 12:30pm

Open meetings with the pastors and the Leadership Team to work on the map. This time is open for others to join in the process of writing the map.

June 21 to June 23:
Pastors finalizing Public Draft

June 24:
Public Draft Released

Paper copies at Sunday meetings and emails to lists, and online below.

You can also find our drafted Map here: 2019-2020 Map. This year we simplify our focus. We want to do our best thing well: cells.

What follows are goals for achieving the centrality and re-ignition of our cell movement.

The next phase of our process is to review the material in our cells. You may comment in the document above, but the Coordinators are leading our cell leaders to review the Map in their cells either this week or next week.

We will finalize the Map for the July 13 Council meeting, where will improve it and approve it (or not).

June 25 to July 12:
Public Draft Discussed

Cell leaders asked to discuss Public Draft in cell meetings and report feedback to Coordinators (who funnel it to pastors). This may require a discussion guide.

July 13:
Council Meeting to Affirm Map

10 am at 2007 Frankford Ave.