Circle of Hope’s Future

What are we trying to do?

Our discernment process helps us flesh out specific focus of our unique calling as Circle of Hope. The cell leaders are leading our people to lead the church. This is not just filling out a form. It’s an opportunity to practice discernment.

  • We want to know what to do. Listening together breeds discernment.
  • We want to share our life and mission in a truthful, practical way. Everyone matters.
  • We want to teach each other how to listen to the Spirit and speak the truth in love. Our process is a laboratory for deepening faith, hope and love.
  • We want to include the most recent person in our life-giving process. You don’t have to be socially in to be in with Jesus.

✺ Why begin with cells?

Everyone’s voice matters. Cells are the extended leadership team of the church. They are where much of life and discipleship of the church happens.

✺ Where is it going next and finally?

  • May 22 to 24: We have conversations in cell meetings.
  • May 27: Cell leaders add to our container.
  • June 4: Open meeting for discerners at 7:30 p.m. 2007 Frankford Ave.
  • Pastors coalesce work, online access, changes to budget.
  • June 11: Proposal out to whole church. 
  • Final touches, more dialogue.
  • June 18: Council Meeting 7:30 p.m 2007 Frankford Ave.

▶ Our Final Map for 2018-19 is here!

✺ Common Opening Prayer

Let’s see what happens when we open ourselves up to God in the same way as the dozens of other cells across the region.

Holy Spirit, guide us

We want to grow out of the best of the past

We want to be present to what you’re doing next, now

Give us ears to hear you

Open our hearts to receive your direction

Inspire our minds to generate more goodness.

In the name of Jesus, amen.

✺ What the Cells Contribute

Cell leaders can gather responses from their group as they see fit. You could dedicate all or part of your meeting the week of May 20 to dialogue and reflection. You could get people to prepared to participate ahead of time. There will be more opportunities to express one’s voice, so don’t feel pressure to get everyone to completely respond. Don’t count your own reflections out, even if they come up as you’re typing up what everyone said. In fact, you are more than a stenographer here, you are discerning the content and leading us along with the other cell leaders.

  • What’s one word to describe a mature follower of Jesus?

    • This is meant to be fun and symbolically describe a snapshot in your cell.
    • We’re creating a visual representation based on your responses.
    • Our spiritual trajectory, where are we headed?
  • What aspect of God’s mission do we embody well?

    • Have the group discern the Mission of God in discussion.
    • Helpful scripture (Luke 7:22, John 3:17)
    • Circle of Hope vision and mission statement.
  • What aspect of God’s mission do we need to focus on next?

    • What do we need to complete from our current Map?
    • What movement (positive or negative) in our region do we need to respond to?
    • What can we do as disciples, not just leaders or staff?
  • Who is one person from your cell, team, or congregation that you would call out as a discerner?

    • We’re holding an open meeting, the base will be these called-out ones.
    • The spiritual gift of discernment in the Bible gets described as “discernment of spirits” or “distinguishing between spirits.” It’s a gift that helps us hear what’s from the Lord.