Free Baby and Kids Goods eXchange

An opportunity to swap used (or unused) baby and kids clothes, toys, baby gear, books, and maternity clothes with other parents in the community. People can pick up what their child(ren) may need in the days ahead and pass along what’s no longer needed.

The Baby Goods Exchange provides expensive and necessary baby and young children’s items to those who need it. The BGX wants to generate community by connecting families, especially mothers. The BGX wants to continue to cross racial and socioeconomic boundaries. At most BGX’s you will find women who have come from all neighborhoods of Philadelphia and New Jersey. The BGX wants to provide an alternative to the American consumer model. It does this by encouraging sharing of baby items and frees us from supporting ‘the corporations’. The sharing of these goods frees peoples money for compassionate spending.


Team Leader

Danielle Ziegler