Here’s some resources for you to get engaged with Circle of Hope.



Sunday Meetings


One of the ways we stay together.

For sharing our videos and events.

For sharing our Daily Prayer blogs

For sharing our distinctives and celebrating what’s happening


Daily Prayer :: Wind
Everyone needs to develop new habits when they follow Jesus, especially prayer, meditation, and Bible study. Our online guide helps. Catch the Spirit and sail.

Daily Prayer :: Water
At this site we will enjoy many different voices who are being asked to take a week or two at a time to lead us. Swim free in an ocean of grace.

The Transhistorical Body Blog
As a sister page to Circle of Hope Daily Prayer,
we are celebrating Holy Days and certain influential people
who have gone on into the Cloud of Witnesses.


The Way of Jesus
Our guide for getting from here to there in faith

Psychotherapy at Circle Counseling
Trained guides for some of the deeper healing you may need.

Gifts for Growing
Special opportunities for faith development



Our Sunday meetings, Worship Wednesdays, Kids Times,
and more at our YouTube channel.


Resist and Restore Podcast
We’re extending the table of our dialogue! Tune in bi-weekly as the Circle of Hope pastors sit down to dialogue about faith, God, Jesus, the spiritual life, and everything in between.

Sunday Meeting recordings
We record our Sunday meeting messages so you can listen again or listen in on what you’ve missed. 

Circle of Hope Audio Art
We write and record tons of original music. Four albums so far.


We’re an open book (literally). Want to get involved financially? Check out

Add our calendar to yours. If you don’t know what to do with that link, just check out the calendar here on our site.

Team Up

Leadership Team
Leadership is a team effort. We have a bunch of leaders. Keep scrolling, you’ll see.

Join a Team
Lots of opportunities to share your gifts.

Start a Team

Where we think God is leading us this year and beyond.