Holy Week

Walking through Jesus’ last days with him.

You can’t learn the mystery of Jesus’ death without performing it. During Holy Week, Jesus is walking towards his death and we are walking with him. We’re inventing it anew in light of the quarantine to protect our neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than just a one-time devotional, we are offering a way to turn your own home into a stage for the drama of salvation. Each day our Daily Prayer will lead us to create a special place of prayer in our homes to which we will return according to an ancient rhythm we will attempt to keep together. Simple breath prayers, symbolic actions, and guided meditations will turn our normal hours at home into a kind of retreat. But it will require imagination and discipline (some of the most elemental ingredients to the spiritual life) so get ready!

We will gather online in the evenings to end each day together. Palm Sunday will culminate in the Sunday meeting, Monday through Thursday will culminate in a Vespers prayer time at 9:00 pm (ideally right before bed according to the ancient rhythm of the Benedictines who are inspiring us); we’ll get started a little earlier on Friday for our longer Tenebrae Vespers; and we will actually walk with Jesus to the cross in an imaginative prayer walk on Friday afternoon. It all ends on Sunday with resurrection which is going to be really great. Walk with us all the way through to join in the surprise of an empty tomb!

There’s much more below to guide you through.

Sunday, April 5
Triumphal Entry

John 12:12-19

Jesus reveals himself for who he truly is: “The blessed king who comes in the name of the Lord.” Will we let him into our city? Will we allow him to make things right even if it means we must face his death with him? Our Sunday meeting will provide practical opportunities for connecting your faith to your every day life and ways to connect directly with God as we trust that “God is Making Things Right”

Monday, April 6
Jesus in the Temple

Matthew 12:12-17

We gather to witness the lash that makes a way through. Jesus’ liberation project comes against the powers and seals his fate. He turns the tables in the temples and as he drives out the money changers he drives home the case for his crucifixion in the eyes of the opposition.

Tuesday, April 7
Jesus Weeps

Luke 19:41-44

Jesus warned us about what’s coming, but he didn’t know when the end would be. He weeps for his people and their refusals of his grace. He weeps for the harm we do to ourselves when we stay asleep despite all his gentle calling that we wake.

Wednesday, April 8
At Bethany

Matthew 26:6-13

Jesus leaves the city to pray on the Mount of Olives and makes the journey to Bethany, where a woman anoints Jesus with an expensive ointment to the chagrin of some disciples. We follow her example, fragrantly preparing for Jesus’ burial while we sort out our own mixed feelings.

Thursday, April 9
The Last Supper, and the Washing of Feet

Luke 22:1-28 and John 13

We are coming to the end of our Lenten journey here. Soon it will be finished. It’s been long and hard for many, and soon it will be over. But not before the climax, where Jesus reveals his heart, and accomplishes his great purpose for us. We’re pausing here to be with Jesus in his final moments, where he demonstrates the depth of his love.

Friday, April 10
Stations of the Cross and Tenebrae

Matthew 27:45-54

Stations of the Cross
12:00 to 3:00pm

Begins at home with the option to continue outside.

Stations of the Cross Guide

See Jesus suffering on the streets of our neighborhoods. We go on an imaginative prayer walk starting at our own front doors to pray our way through Jesus’ passion. Not just with words, but with feet and eyes and hearts. You’ll use your imagination to decide where to stop for each of the 14 traditional stations.

Tenebrae Observance

Tenebrae is Latin for “darkness,” and on the evening of Good Friday we gather together to meditate on the death of Jesus, the lowest point of the Lent season. The sweetness of Easter will come, but for a little while we sit together in the bitterness of Good Friday like the shocked and terrified disciples after the crucifixion. At this online vigil we reflect on the seven phrases, as recorded in the Gospels, which Jesus said as he hung on the cross. We are present with Jesus as he dies, and the room darkens until we enter the darkness of the tomb, and await the resurrection.

Saturday, April 11
In the Grave

All day on Daily Prayer

No Vespers today

Experience the silence of the grave.

On Holy Saturday we’re focused on the death of Jesus where love and hatred meet and Love stays true. It’s the last and longest wait. The wait through death for the third day.

Sunday, April 12
Resurrection Sunday

John 20:11-23

Resurrection Sunday, 6:15 a.m.

Mary went to the tomb in grief and found her greatest joy, more than she could imagine. It was so good she couldn’t even recognize him at first. We want to be sure we have a chance to recognize his resurrection life in ours. We make the move from dark to light, from death to life. And then we celebrate that life all day! Even separated we can sing for joy and send the love around. In the evening we will gather to share our joy.

Resurrection Sunday, 5:00 p.m.