What I learned from Leadership Philly and why you should #MoveToPhilly

I was really honored and grateful to be a part of Leadership Philadelphia’s Keepers and Connectors program over the last six months. During our last session (at the Union League—pretty fancy), I reflected on some of the ways that my participation in the program and my relationship with the several dozen other millennial leaders in […]

No, women leading is not a “secondary issue.” Why the whole matters.

I got fired up this week at the Evangelical response to Princeton rescinding the award it gave Tim Keller (successful church planter in New York City) after there was outrage about some of his positions specifically regarding women in leadership. Some Evangelical churches still misinterpret the Bible to exclude women from leading the same as […]

“All things must be done for edification.” One perspective on using non-English language songs in worship.

Our Sunday meeting team leaders often talk about how or when to “use” non-English language songs. In a recent discussion about the issue, I asked one of our leaders, Andrew Yang, to offer his thoughts. I appreciated his perspective so much, I asked him to “blogify” it. — Jonny My guiding principle is that, generally […]

In a world full of trouble, Christians can get “whatevered” along with the rest

This was originally posted at circleofhope.net/blog. Love, law, Christian Mingle The basic Gospel of Jesus is all about connecting with God’s love, heart to heart. Anyone can participate. It’s a revolutionary and transformational love — I can tell you my own story (as Rachel was saying last week). But it is a love that can be […]

The proverbs of Sam Hinkie and what he didn’t get

This post originally appeared at circleofhope.net. I jokingly posted to our Share Board last week that the Philadelphia 76ers were looking for a new general manager and president of operations. This was after Sam Hinkie, who has become notorious in Philadelphia for the unconventional way he has led our basketball team, announced his resignation. I […]