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Joshua Grace

My people came from Poland about a century ago. I came from Buffalo, and after living in some small upstate NY towns I moved to Philadelphia in 1997 to study music. After dropping out after my first year, I worked as a caterer, bike messenger, and teen specialist at a community center before I became one of the pastors for Circle of Hope. I married  a brilliant woman who turned out to be quite the social entrepreneur. We have two daughters, now in middle school. I do my part for the movement – activism mostly around trying to stop wars, watershed keeping, affordable housing, land use, immigration, and ending handgun violence. I was a longtime member of psalters. After studying music for a year at Drexel, I was part of the illustrious African American Studies department at Temple University. Now I’m off to Seminary studying history, theology, mission, and praxis (Intercultural Studies) through NAIITS.  I also usually hit cleanup for the Kensington Royals.

“Ghost ride the whip!” is one of those phrases that I used to find amusing. Now it’s one of my favorite prayer images. I’m learning to not hold on so tight, maybe to not even drive the proverbial car…learning to trust Jesus, to let go, and to dance. What if this industrialized materialist individual way of life was the car we’re driving…isn’t it time to get out and enjoy the music? Let that thing go.

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I write mostly about faith, politics, sports, haiku, community.

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