Alas, the Faire!

The family went for a trip today.  It was only 60miles away, but I was sure we travelled 400 years when we arrived at the PA Renaissance Faire!

Ok, I’ve been there a bunch of times (as well as Sterling, NY), but we never went as a family-and none of the three ladies in the clan had been.  Such a great time (photo set here).  We also ran into the brilliant Olshefski Trio!

We experienced lovely weather all day, but after the evening joust it got dark and chilly really quick.  Helena was particularly freezing (and pooped).  Walking out to the parking lot, she was half wining saying “this was the best day of my life, but also the worst night of my life-I’m so cold!”  I don’t know if it was actually the best day of her life, but it was loads of fun.

One highlight was the two that I call the “Gandalf Brothers”, we didn’t get a good shot because our camera was dying.  Sooo great!

We got to play tons of old timey games, see music performances, plays-even the mud show…they even had trick or treat for October.  Great little saturday.

3 thoughts on “Alas, the Faire!

  1. hah! sometime I would love to tell you of my childhood, and how I have been to just about every renn faire in the country, and multiple glad you guys had fun- i remember being little and doing things together as a family..those were such great times.

  2. I remember when I went to the R-fair when I was a kid. I ate one of those huge turkey legs. I was carrying it around all day. I was also super pumped up because I got one of those pointy princess hats with the flowy ribbon. It was rad.

    I am glad you had a fun time!

  3. I just hurt myself laughing at the image of Gandalf the gray and Gandalf the white…..together in the same place. That just makes the smallest amount of sense to me, but its the Faire, so I guess its fair.

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