just when I thought my life was rough…

My mind is not used to having exams.  Two in one day about tuckered me out, not to mention my right arm is about to fall off.  I feel tired, in a good way now that they are over.  I paid attention and participated in class, read the material, reviewed material, did at least okay (I think) on the exams.

When I’m tired like this I want attention.  I want sympathy.  I start to feel a little bad about my situation when the cosmic alarm clock rings while walking to my office this afternoon.

One of my neighbors wanted to talk.  Two days ago, his 5mo old son died-apparantly of some sort of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (although he is suspicious of some sort of neglect) and last night his nephew got shot in the face and stomach by Kensington High School.  He had his spleen removed and for the foreseeable future will pee and poop into a bag that he will wear by his hip.

My friend and I got to pray.  He is having his daughter 302 him tonight so he can get the help he needs.

In a moment that I feel such a need for sympathy, there is an opportunity to give some.  God works in these moments.  Sometimes I just walk by this neighbor, sometimes we talk.  Today I was going to walk by but at the last second turned around to shoot the breeze about the Phils.  Thanks, God, for a wake up call.

i’m always thinking one step ahead . like a carpenter that makes stairs

A few things that are great right now.

1.  The Phillies are in the NLCS, and it begins tonight.

2.  My brother Jonny hit a home run yesterday.

3.  We are leaving for the retreat in like 20hrs.

4.  The Office is back on tonight (and I have DVR).

5.  I have DVR (and the Office is back on tonight).

6.  Randy’s blog about the show Heroes, called The Heroic Life.

the post you need, not the one you deserve

Last nights baseball game was rained out (W.N.M.W.G.P.U.G.), and martha already had plans so I made some.  After bathtime and bedtime fun with the kiddos, Jeremy and I went to see the Dark Knight (with 6 other people in the seats).   I love that vibe for these kinds of movies.

there were definately some exciting parts (when Zeus did the thing on the ferry), but overall felt like one of those movies that was on the verge of something and decided to instead celebrate post-modern irony.

More irony…this movie is like a year old and no longer being talked about, I’m so behind on the times even writing about it.  I guess it wasn’t movie that I deserved, but the one I needed.  (If you haven’t seen it yet than you may not get this line).

At least the Flyin Hawaiin is giving us something to root for tonight!  Go Phils!

now would be a good time to crash

Being about as active as I can be is nothing to me.  Lily has been on and off sick all week, I started battling a few days ago.  I thought that I was going to lose the battle today…but alas…

I used to run until I dropped-I would slow down when I got sick.  It was “all on” until I was “all off.”  I’m trying to learn how to not be so drastic, so dramatic, and not get surprised by the reoccuring fact:  no matter how great I feel and no matter how well everything seems to be going for me:  life is hard.

Although now seems to me like a good time to crash-to avoid some difficult situations, I think I’m gonna try and adjust slightly and keep going.  Part of that adjustment is keeping points in the day (not just in the morning or before I go to bed or something) have a regular time to turn to God and give it up.

people like angels

I watched Angels in the Outfield with my children last night because it was On Demand and I was treating them (and didn’t want to watch new fangle kids cartoons).  What shit!

The only comfort I have is that I know that 2 sequels were made.  Angels in the Endzone, and my favorite-that I kind of guilty pleasure wish I would have seen before…Angels in the Infield.

Christopher Lloyd didn’t pull it off as the angel that helped the football players, I guess.  Part 3 they totally mix everything up and have a girl kid pray to angels and David Allen Greer (what happened to him?  In Living Color was so great!) comes to the rescue.  Holy crap.

Besides things like the head angel telling the 11yr old that his friend/hero was going to die in 6mo and nobody knows, it brought up a lot of intersting questions for my kids.  Are angels real?  Do they really appear in coke cups?  Do they like baseball, too?

I was tempted to tell them stories that always seem to begin with angels saying “don’t be afraid”, but I instead told them about mystery and how I don’t totally know a lot of details.  They are definately not as cheezy as that movie, though, and they probably don’t need you to pray to them.

Lights Out

After a whirlwind of a day (or past few, or more) me and Helena went down to one of the local holy sites, Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phillies unload on the Marlins.  I thought I was going with the fam to meet Jonny & Amie, but Lily got seriously fever/pukey all day so she and MG were staying home.  Rebekah and Eden were up for the action, though.  When we get down there we all realized that I misunderstood how many $4 tickets there were, and after an awkward moment Amie did a sweet thing for us.

The rest of the time was a blast.  Rooting and rooting, laughing, seeds, booing Wes Helms, it was great.  Even got some photos (set here).

Helena has never been more interested in the game.  On a little tablet, she drew a baseball diamond and had me explain as many rules of the game to her as she could take in.  Then she had me quiz her for about 2 innings about how many balls earn a walk, whether a foul ball is a ball or strike, how to calculate ERA (j/k).  Glad to spend the night with good friends and yell our heads off while Lights Out Lidge did the right thing in the 9th inning.

friday night lites

With all the running around and hectic-ness of this week, I’m glad that I’m going to play baseball.

This pic was taken by sarah weiss last season.  This year has only gotten better.   Not just my batting average (and OPS!) but I’ve had a year to acquire better gear and uniforms from thrift stores.  I hope the rain holds off long enough to get a game in.

I was having lunch today with my friend Marcus who plays basketball nearly every friday at those courts you can see in the background.  Small city.   Lots of fun.