first day of class

I just posted at Circle of Hope about being the new kid on campus.  I am experiencing at the moment a combination of “my class was let out after 20min” and a ton of new stimulation so I thought I’d post here, too.  I’m trying not to x-post anymore, we’ll see how long I keep it up.

I bought my first book for class already,  The History of South Africa by Leonard Thompson.  It’s for my History of Southern Africa course.  Pretty decent already.  Within the first 5min the prof had mentioned apartheid and white liberalism developing into paternalism-boom boom boom.

In about an hour I get my fist class with John Balz, not only my prof 3 days a week, but my left fielder on Friday nights!

If you see me around campus, don’t be afraid to tell me where to find free stuff or where the library is.


Recently I drank the Mac Kool-Aid.  Thanks especially to Mark from The Poverty Jet Set and my first apartment-mate JScott for helping me get over the hump and spec it out.  I’m hoping to get to use it a bunch at school and to help me expand my office rather than commuting those days a week.  It’s also expanding my mind.

I’m still learning how to use the macbook, of course.  Here’s some obligatory Photo Booth shots to prove it.  More in the flickr set.

Things like this help me feel equipped for big changes.  The free iPod  was the icing on the cake.  No more making fun of those people who wear headphones whilst riding their bikes around.  I keep telling myself that I’ll keep the volume real low.  We’ll see.

But what could make me feel ready to start spending this money we’ve been socking away for three years to renovate 2007 Frankford?  We could easily spend $10k by the weekend!!  Ahh!

Getting something of this magnitude off the ground takes a lot of effort.  I feel rusty or something.  I’m used to pinching pennies and telling people what it’s gonna be like-now here we are doing it.  So cool…we need to use that prayer equipment we have.

The next thing

This next week is quite a transition time.  I’m hanging with my kids a bunch so Martha can finish getting Circle Thrift ready to move to her next home, less than 2 blocks up Frankford Ave on Labor Day-lots of room still for you to help out with the “human chain”.  Tuesday we begin the renovation of our current spot at 2007.  Wednesday I start classes at Temple.

And if anyone can teach me basics about iPhoto and other cultish mac programs that would be cool, we won’t have other reverse images anymore here.