a yard with weeds is a yard, indeed

I never feel like cleaning my back yard.  It’s not usually that fun.  Especially on days like today, when I came home last night with quite a bit of anxiety.  When I get jammed up, I usually start believing that there are these big, scary things that are what is causing the anxiety…kind of like the overgrown monster-like clouds of bushes and weeds.

I feel overgrown.  I feel overtaken.  I feel out of control.  I feel the anxiety.

When I actually make the time to let God in there-he leads me to slowly pull away the little junk that is connecting all these great plants (which makes them seem junky to me).  He leads me to get a trim.  He leads me to kill the poison ivy, he leads me to whack weeds and fight back the weird weed-trees that grow berries.

You may not be able to tell the difference below, but it feels a lot different to me.  Even the prayerful act of clearing out this junk helped a lot.  The dying poison ivy in life isn’t all gone just yet, and there are still weed-trees trying to overtake the yard…but it’s enough for today.

now would be a good time to crash

Being about as active as I can be is nothing to me.  Lily has been on and off sick all week, I started battling a few days ago.  I thought that I was going to lose the battle today…but alas…

I used to run until I dropped-I would slow down when I got sick.  It was “all on” until I was “all off.”  I’m trying to learn how to not be so drastic, so dramatic, and not get surprised by the reoccuring fact:  no matter how great I feel and no matter how well everything seems to be going for me:  life is hard.

Although now seems to me like a good time to crash-to avoid some difficult situations, I think I’m gonna try and adjust slightly and keep going.  Part of that adjustment is keeping points in the day (not just in the morning or before I go to bed or something) have a regular time to turn to God and give it up.

2nd grade, here we go

Helena is so excited to be in second grade.  She loves her teacher.  A bunch of her friends are in her class.  Her Spanish is pretty close to conversational.   Independence Charter has been really great, and this year (like so many of us) we have a new facility that is way better.

This shot was from yesterday.  Today is the 2nd day of school for Helena, and she popped right out of bed.  Lily is still getting over this viral thing and provided enough crankiness for all of us.

I’m grateful for these little girls.

people like angels

I watched Angels in the Outfield with my children last night because it was On Demand and I was treating them (and didn’t want to watch new fangle kids cartoons).  What shit!

The only comfort I have is that I know that 2 sequels were made.  Angels in the Endzone, and my favorite-that I kind of guilty pleasure wish I would have seen before…Angels in the Infield.

Christopher Lloyd didn’t pull it off as the angel that helped the football players, I guess.  Part 3 they totally mix everything up and have a girl kid pray to angels and David Allen Greer (what happened to him?  In Living Color was so great!) comes to the rescue.  Holy crap.

Besides things like the head angel telling the 11yr old that his friend/hero was going to die in 6mo and nobody knows, it brought up a lot of intersting questions for my kids.  Are angels real?  Do they really appear in coke cups?  Do they like baseball, too?

I was tempted to tell them stories that always seem to begin with angels saying “don’t be afraid”, but I instead told them about mystery and how I don’t totally know a lot of details.  They are definately not as cheezy as that movie, though, and they probably don’t need you to pray to them.