re: definition

Great day with the family, working in the yard and the house.   I am constantly surprised by how wonderful it is to increase the definition of different areas.  When my yard bleeds into one blob, it feels chaotic to be out there.

I get something inside when there are boundaries in the garden.  Different areas for different things.  Places where you don’t walk.  Weeds pulled up and other junk that collects between plants.  It feels so tranquil.

This is not my first post about such things.  But it is the first post about yard work when I thought of a song-not a ton of connection beyond me stealing the title.  This is a great video, too.

Cop:  [To Hi-Tek] “are you deaf?”

Tek:  “nah, he’s Def.”

Mos Def:  “he’s Hi-Tek.”

end of semester, beginning of…

Lots of things coming to a good end lately:

The 2007 Frankford renovation.

The college semester (one more assignment and final).

Lots of good things beginning:

Wed night baseball

Shalom House Festival (May 13, 6:30pm at 2007 Frankford)

The Discerning Team has met twice about the next church plant.

Composting in the backyard, getting ready for our little garden (Japanese cukes, cilantro, some flowers already going)

I also managed to sprain my ankle during the first inning of the first game of the year.  I go to a specialist tomorrow to see how bad the damage is.  Today was the first day that the swelling went down, that’s encouraging.

a yard with weeds is a yard, indeed

I never feel like cleaning my back yard.  It’s not usually that fun.  Especially on days like today, when I came home last night with quite a bit of anxiety.  When I get jammed up, I usually start believing that there are these big, scary things that are what is causing the anxiety…kind of like the overgrown monster-like clouds of bushes and weeds.

I feel overgrown.  I feel overtaken.  I feel out of control.  I feel the anxiety.

When I actually make the time to let God in there-he leads me to slowly pull away the little junk that is connecting all these great plants (which makes them seem junky to me).  He leads me to get a trim.  He leads me to kill the poison ivy, he leads me to whack weeds and fight back the weird weed-trees that grow berries.

You may not be able to tell the difference below, but it feels a lot different to me.  Even the prayerful act of clearing out this junk helped a lot.  The dying poison ivy in life isn’t all gone just yet, and there are still weed-trees trying to overtake the yard…but it’s enough for today.