end of semester, beginning of…

Lots of things coming to a good end lately:

The 2007 Frankford renovation.

The college semester (one more assignment and final).

Lots of good things beginning:

Wed night baseball

Shalom House Festival (May 13, 6:30pm at 2007 Frankford)

The Discerning Team has met twice about the next church plant.

Composting in the backyard, getting ready for our little garden (Japanese cukes, cilantro, some flowers already going)

I also managed to sprain my ankle during the first inning of the first game of the year.  I go to a specialist tomorrow to see how bad the damage is.  Today was the first day that the swelling went down, that’s encouraging.

5 thoughts on “end of semester, beginning of…

  1. oh yeah. that would be awesome. Are you able to get out for business persons special? maybe we can take your Fiesta?

    Imagine trying to hit off a pitcher that kept phasing in and out of this dimension!

  2. Hahah – maybe. I’ll see what I can do. But either way, we should definitely do it. I <3 the Phils!

    Oh – and yeah – having the ability to phase in and out of dimensions will definitely lower your ERA.

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