great love feast tonight.  i seem to frequently forget to bring my camera to get some pics, although I guess most of us do.

I did upload some pics from my cell’s World Series party the other night here.  Game 2 loss was kind of brutal, but it was still a great time to be together like that.

They playgroup carved some pumpkins and MG took a bunch of photos (Marni & Lo, you a bunch of super cute ones of your girls!).  The set is here. Here’s Ada and Lily showing off the gourd art.

One thought on “feasted

  1. I got to the Love Feast late (rain, baby, first went to Broad and Washington…) and it took a while for me to really get there too. However, when the four of us were singing full tilt on that final worship song….man that was magic. I hardly ever sing loud when I’m not in the shower, but man that felt good to belt it like Steve Perry. Thanks for singing along.

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