Getting Africanized

I just wrote a longer post on the Circle of Hope blog, but at least wanted to mention how pumped I am to get the drumming classes going again-see earlier post here for deets.

Last night a group of us spent several hours re-headding and building djemebes.  I learned a lot about a lot.  We tried to take a bunch of photos (set here), even though tonight we have to shave and tune the drums.

Meko teaching me how to weave the cradle

Meko teaching me how to weave the cradle

I’m pumped that Martha and a bunch of her friends are taking the class, too.  Still working out what to do with the kids for a couple hours on Monday nights, though.   And yes, everyone else in the photos is severely underdressed.

5 thoughts on “Getting Africanized

  1. Yeah, this is so cool that you’re making drums. Kind of mind-blowing. So I can’t wait to talk mud cloth, I am pretty pumped and hope you’re serious!

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