Holy Week celebrates Exodus from Iron Cages and Freedom from Faith in Powers

While studying at Temple University, John Balzarini taught me about Max Weber (“VAY bur”) and the Iron Cage of Bureaucracy. I bet most of us are unfamiliar that the societal systems of dehumanization we’re so accustomed to ever did NOT exist. It’s normal for us to deal with bureaucracy (that no one seems to like, btw) all the time but since no one seems to be personally responsible we stay irritated and docile. “Just doing my job” is a close second to “just sayin'” in my book of irritating common phrases. Does one mean that since it’s only one’s job, they don’t have any agency to choose human interaction over blind obedience to abstract and unchangeable policy? Whether it’s  talking to an aggressive telemarketer, a Comcast tech support, Eichmann claiming he was solving a math problem, or most governments – at some point we feel that what’s right won’t be done for unimpressive reasoning.

Christian cake makers or fast food cashiers in Indiana have a new law so they don’t have to serve gay people because of religious freedom. Maybe a gnarly church spawned up as an unexpected application of the new legal freedom. Now that there is a law, we don’t have to relate. SEPTA lost a free speech case (they won’t appeal) so they will run anti-Muslim ads on 84 buses starting next week. They changed their policy for the future so no more political messages can be placed, but I doubt they are giving back the $30k to Stop Islamization of America out of protest. The law does not save us, neither does free speech. 

Jesus violates bureaucratic ties between religion and state – especially the economics when he thrashes an area of the Temple where non-Jews were allowed. In that area, exploitation of a rule to not use empire’s currency for worship was permitted. Someone asked me one time whether ArtShop was like that (holding a market of 50+ local artists in the building we use also for worship) or offering our music for donation was sort of like that because they heard megachurches have gift shops with lattes and dvds of the meeting you just watched. I think we are wise to be suspicious of weird practices of churches – but let’s also watch out for companies who make a buck off of your generosity. I am more suspicious of PayPal, who takes 3% of those electronic donations you might make to the church. Square Reader takes a little less, but was a big compromise for us to make available (cash, check, or Bill Pay cuts out the e-money changers on that gift).

Sometimes the law helps. 150 people (including a few from Circle of Hope) were in the Caucus Room at City Hall today for the release of the Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities’s new report: “Development Without Displacement: Keeping Communities Strong.” This coalition work has been going for almost a decade and helping Philadelphia to become the largest city to adopt a Land Bank might be some good fruit, the joy of connecting and working together will outlive any legislation. We all have certain bugaboos about laws or lack thereof – like the US Immigration Policy that just deported a Mennonite Pastor or Fracking in PA. Even with better legal stuff, even if everyone had everything they needed – would that kind of law save us? 

I don’t think it’s wrong or a waste to pursue justice together – often that’s opposing unjust laws and practices of the powerful. There is more to justice that just-sounding laws. Even if fracking was illegal in PA, we still have a limitless appetite for cheap fuel so we’d allow another practice that was potentially as dangerous to life – just not so close to home. The work needs to go down to a community level and even a heart level. I follow the Way of Jesus that frees us from faith in the Powers – the same Powers that will continue to perpetrate systems that dehumanize us and commoditize creation in one way or another. To escape from the Iron Cage is not merely awareness or personal holiness – we need to co-author with Jesus an embodiment of his world redemption project that began long ago. The social locus of this movement gets revealed during Holy Week. Don’t miss the story, it’s being written again through us.

5 thoughts on “Holy Week celebrates Exodus from Iron Cages and Freedom from Faith in Powers

  1. I love your call to follow Jesus instead of finding justice in the legal system. But bureaucracy’s detractors might claim that PCAC’s proposal to increase the Real Estate Transfer Tax (just by 1.5 percent) on properties sold for a second time in two year (fixers and flippers) in order to fund the Housing Trust Fund (money for affordable housing) is “bureaucratic” too. Sometimes we hide behind that criticism to just say, “I want what I want now and I don’t want to share!” Like when we are impatient at the DMV.

    I think personal transformation leads to revolution, and sometimes a law or two can assist those in need while the world furthers its sin addiction. Sometimes people call that bureaucracy.

  2. It occurred to me reading this that Jesus cleared out an area of the Temple where Gentile worshipers gathered, then he taught in the Temple the next day. Seems to me he wasn’t just disgusted, he was making more room for those believers to be where they could hear from him. Our justice activity can be about that too. Jesus is getting close to us. Treating each other as he would and caring for the people and places where we live and where he meets us is going to be on the agenda. Dusrupting business as usual is a given. Jesus is showing up and has much with which to teach us/ lead us all.

  3. I am eternally grateful that Jesus disarmed the powers and principalities at the cross, canceled our bond with its legal requirements and set us free! Now I pray that all human beings can wake up, and live, move and have their being in that Freedom! Truly, truly all creation is groaning for the sons of God led by the Spirit to wake up!!!!

  4. Thanks Joshua, there’s a lot a good stuff here to help us think how our church can relate to the powers. We want just laws, but I think there’s a danger is thinking that asking for better laws is our main goal. Actually creating an alternative might just help Jesus overcome the whole unjust system! I appreciate that we strive to speak to and challenger the powers, without becoming part of them. Also, with Holy Week, I love how the Way of Jesus sinks in for me a little bit more every year…thanks for helping me make some connections here.

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