just when I thought my life was rough…

My mind is not used to having exams.  Two in one day about tuckered me out, not to mention my right arm is about to fall off.  I feel tired, in a good way now that they are over.  I paid attention and participated in class, read the material, reviewed material, did at least okay (I think) on the exams.

When I’m tired like this I want attention.  I want sympathy.  I start to feel a little bad about my situation when the cosmic alarm clock rings while walking to my office this afternoon.

One of my neighbors wanted to talk.  Two days ago, his 5mo old son died-apparantly of some sort of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (although he is suspicious of some sort of neglect) and last night his nephew got shot in the face and stomach by Kensington High School.  He had his spleen removed and for the foreseeable future will pee and poop into a bag that he will wear by his hip.

My friend and I got to pray.  He is having his daughter 302 him tonight so he can get the help he needs.

In a moment that I feel such a need for sympathy, there is an opportunity to give some.  God works in these moments.  Sometimes I just walk by this neighbor, sometimes we talk.  Today I was going to walk by but at the last second turned around to shoot the breeze about the Phils.  Thanks, God, for a wake up call.

3 thoughts on “just when I thought my life was rough…

  1. Wow, cool. Thanks for reminding me that those moments when I feel empty and needing to be filled are sometimes the moments Christ needs to pour his love through me. Now for a willing spirit…

  2. i feel like i am often reminded in the same way of how grateful i should be. my 85 year old neighbor told me how she found out she has cancer this week. a co-worker and his wife are dealing with a very recent miscarriage..there is so much pain..and i complain sometimes because of the tiniest things..it really gives you perspective. thanks for sharing..its encouraging.

  3. it never ceases to amaze me the strength that some people have to get them through each day. it’s a testament to how important community is.

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