now would be a good time to crash

Being about as active as I can be is nothing to me.  Lily has been on and off sick all week, I started battling a few days ago.  I thought that I was going to lose the battle today…but alas…

I used to run until I dropped-I would slow down when I got sick.  It was “all on” until I was “all off.”  I’m trying to learn how to not be so drastic, so dramatic, and not get surprised by the reoccuring fact:  no matter how great I feel and no matter how well everything seems to be going for me:  life is hard.

Although now seems to me like a good time to crash-to avoid some difficult situations, I think I’m gonna try and adjust slightly and keep going.  Part of that adjustment is keeping points in the day (not just in the morning or before I go to bed or something) have a regular time to turn to God and give it up.

4 thoughts on “now would be a good time to crash

  1. I hear that. It’s a tough lesson to learn for young fellers like us who are used to having tons of energy. I’ve been learning how to say ‘no’ to new projects and politely decline invitations to parties. This has proven more difficult than I thought. One day at at time, though, right?

    I encourage you to read Haruki Murakami’s essay in the New Yorker a few months back about how he became a long-distance runner. You’ll see. Not available online, so you’ll have to go to the library:

    Haruki Murakami, Life and Letters, “The Running Novelist,” The New Yorker, June 9, 2008, p. 72

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