people like angels

I watched Angels in the Outfield with my children last night because it was On Demand and I was treating them (and didn’t want to watch new fangle kids cartoons).  What shit!

The only comfort I have is that I know that 2 sequels were made.  Angels in the Endzone, and my favorite-that I kind of guilty pleasure wish I would have seen before…Angels in the Infield.

Christopher Lloyd didn’t pull it off as the angel that helped the football players, I guess.  Part 3 they totally mix everything up and have a girl kid pray to angels and David Allen Greer (what happened to him?  In Living Color was so great!) comes to the rescue.  Holy crap.

Besides things like the head angel telling the 11yr old that his friend/hero was going to die in 6mo and nobody knows, it brought up a lot of intersting questions for my kids.  Are angels real?  Do they really appear in coke cups?  Do they like baseball, too?

I was tempted to tell them stories that always seem to begin with angels saying “don’t be afraid”, but I instead told them about mystery and how I don’t totally know a lot of details.  They are definately not as cheezy as that movie, though, and they probably don’t need you to pray to them.

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