poised to forgive

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The sentencing yesterday  was really sad.  It seemed like there wasn’t any good option that the judge could say that would bring the healing needed by Conor, his family, or the victim’s family.  There was a strong presence of support for people having a hard time, though.  Even in those moments the church was there, and that made a difference.

We could fly away

Away from our internal bonds,

Or close the window.

One thought on “poised to forgive

  1. hey thanks for sharing the story yesterday. sitting in that is so uncomfortable and painful. i’m glad to be able to be reminded of the lesson in forgiveness and i hope to have the strength to give it when need be. there was a time… well, i don’t know if you knew i had a sister who passed away from brain cancer when she was 13. she’d been sick for 5 years fighting it. in the beginning, when she was 8 and we didn’t know what was wrong yet, our primary doctor had told us that the symptoms we were asking him about (tremors, loss of vision, etc) were just a growing phase and they would go away. They didn’t. In fact, they got a lot worse. A little over a month later, we went to St. Christopher’s Hospital and found out that the tumor was growing at ridiculous rates. They told us that if we had come in a month prior, the tumor would have been a much more managable size and the extraction could have been 100% or close to it. They operated immediately. And I never forgave our primary doctor. Because of his sloppy oversight, I don’t have a sister anymore. I used to ask my mom about why we didn’t sue him or get in contact with him or slash his tires. I offered to for her, actually, and she repeatedly had to tell me about our stance as Christians and how we are called to forgive. I eventually pushed it out of mind in some version of forgiveness. Until one day… I was working at my retail job in the Kimmel Center’s gift shop when a familiar face presented itself to me at the cash register wanting to buy “Mozart chocolate” and a Hilary Hahn cd. I asked him if his name was Dr. Casey (that old primary doctor). It was. I told him that my family used to go to his practice when I was really young. He asked my family name and I told him. He gregariously smiled and told me that of course he remembered my entire family and he hoped they were all doing well. After I finished checking him out, I went to the back and threw up. Forgiveness. Ugh. Worst feeling in the world. I don’t quite know what to think of it all. Sometimes acting as a Christian hurts a lot and we bend our heads and know that God is holding our pain with us. Again and again and again. I don’t know. I pray that through those times that I will have strong people around me and strong enough faith within me to remember that someone bigger than me has a better plan than the plan I think I want. Thanks again for sharing. -meg

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