ripped off by the rain

Man, last night’s baseball game was such a ripoff.  Tonight was even a better night for it.  Never should have gotten it going.  Now what?

1.  Did Wm Penn just come back from the dead to bring the rain on the day that the Phillies were no doubt going to bust that curse?

2.  Is this the spark that the Rays need to turn it around?  The middle of their lineup has looked terrible until the rain started pouring down.

3.  Do the Phils have enough to beat the Rays in a short game?-our bullpen vs. theirs?

It was insulting when the MLB leadership said that they weren’t calling it because of the convenient tie.  No Philadelphia sports fan in their right gourd wants to win the World Series on a game that ended because of rain.  We want Brad Lidge on the hill, or at least Victorino hitting a home run.

One more, Uncle Charlie!  One more!

One thought on “ripped off by the rain

  1. I thought that was crap too. that windbag from the MLB-powers-that-be was such a bad liar. They played for awhile through the most terrible conditions and when it was finally tied they called it. How convenient. I dont believe in superstitions. Phils are taking it tonight, here, where it matters. I just believe. God called his people out of Egypt. They didnt go back. The Fightins’ arent going back to Tampa either, no matter how warm it is there.

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