serious stakeholders

I was really impressed by the depth of those who were able to make it out last night to the FN Stakeholders meeting.  When we get together like that something profound happens.  I’m grateful for so many partners.  I’m glad we not only have something great going in our little congregation but are part of something much larger and connected by the way we live it out.

Grandiose groves grow

Seemingly seedlessly but

Only in our heads.
Me and Lily went to hang with my next door neighbor John today.  He’s been a published cartoonist since the 70’s.  Some of them got turned into snowglobes.  He let Lily hold the one that this comic (from the New Yorker) became.  Pretty cool.  Tons of his comics here.

2 thoughts on “serious stakeholders

  1. John’s cartoons are really good. ive always admired folks who can sum up a big statement in one little panel, make folks think and laugh at the same time….thats a real gift.
    stakeholders meeting was so sweet too!

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