chillaxin in the Mohawk Valley

I love Philadelphia.  I also love vacation, and it feels like it doesn’t happen all that often-we have a lot to do.  Wednesday night we rolled up to my mom’s house in the center of New York State,  Thurs morning drove to my aunt’s house outside of Buffalo, chilled for a few hours and then drove back.  That made me tired.

Friday was much kicking it and not buying stuff.  We got to play late night Rock Band with my long-time amigo Nick and his wonderful wife Ann.  And we took some rock-out shots (set here) to commemorate. For good or for ill, on RB1 there is a default character called Moosejaw Bordeau (mostly known as Amber Alert, though) who some say bears a resemblance to someone we know.  Not sure who, but he’s a great lookin guy-for a video game.

amber alert

amber alert

RB1 is better than karaoke

Today my brother Buddy had a basketball scrimmage-this is his senior year.  He dominated-so good to see him rip it up.  Me and the kiddos walked back from the school through the woods that I used to play in.  Their minds are always blown by the woods.  City slickers.  We had dinner with my old man and then rocked out on Lazer Tag.  No doubt an incredible time (set here-why not?).

Hanging with more old friends tommorow, (and the Bills are on TV here!!!) playing some b-ball ourselves, maybe the sacred Baseball Hall of Fame on Monday-it’s only like 40min from my mom’s house.