CT move pics…

so Carina needs tons of props (dub kuds) for not only taking tons of pics today, but for posting them online lickety split.  what a gal!

Take a look at this one from 2233 Frankford Ave.  It looks so fresh!!!

What a moment.  Much thanks and respect to those who made it out today to help move CT up to her new digs.  Sorry if you couldn’t make it.  It was awesome.  The store should be open on Friday or Saturday at the latest.  Too many people to shout out.

Hopefully no more posts about Circle Thrift for a while! We have another building to renovate before we plant a church this fall in Camden…and lots of other stuff to write about.  But so many sweet pics!  So many good times!

my wife, my hero

Martha inspires me.  I’m really grateful for her, especially today.  We get to see the fruit of a lot of people’s hard work, some small miracles (this process of buying 2233 has been quite a ride), and great ideas.  We’re moving Circle Thrift (the first one) up to the new site today.  Getting started around 9, BBQ around 3pm.  Come on by to check it out if you want.

Martha has an incredible sense of imagination and responsibility to see her dreams through.  She is not afraid of hard work, she tries things that she doesn’t know how to do yet, she is more than capable.  What a woman.

I love that she doesn’t let anyone tell her that we can’t do something.  Go get ’em.

(Thanks for the photo, Carina!)